Bonjour, Paris! Bonjour, Provence!

…and Avignon, Bonnieux, Arles, Aix-en-Provence, Roussillon, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Sablet, Lourmarin, Bioux, Saignon, Gigondas, Lacoste, St. Remy, Gordes, Les Baux, Goult, Lioux, Silvergue, and L’isle sur la Sorgue.



Spring air

intoxicates one quickly

through the pastis.


Young artichoke

reminded us to seek joy

with open stomachs.


(this is my “Haiku Friday”, – a tribute to The Blissful Adventurer who is much more adept at poetry than I am:-))

Anyway, this is just to say The Two Pigs are giddy with anticipation, and are about to step into a fairy-tale that is Provence in April.

We cook and travel low-tech, so there will NOT be any updates on the road for the next two weeks. I won’t be bringing along IPhones, laptops, or IPads; only the appetite. After all, I am a pig, not a bird; pigs don’t tweet :-).

The hope is that the extra lag time will result in more thoughtful posts, as I will have had a chance to internalize our culinary experiences.

So, in just a few hours, we will be hopping on a plane to Paris, and our sidekick (The 3rd Pig) will stay at home and guard my blogging laptop:

À bientôt (Till later),



15 thoughts on “Bonjour, Paris! Bonjour, Provence!

    • Thanks!!! I was messing around with the new point-and-shoot I just bought.
      The picture was taken here in DC, at the so-called “Flower Library” on the Mall, across from Tidal Basin. I don’t know the name of the flower, I am sorry. But, it is not the first time I was inattentive at a library :-).

  1. First of all a big thank you for the shout out to Haiku and TBA. I loved your pastis poem and the artichoke was quickly anthropomorphized in my mind.
    I also admire le due porche for going low tech. When I leave for Italy in a month I will have a DSLR 2 iPhones, 2 iPads, a laptop, and a flip video cam as well as a 3G card to internet at all times in Italy (oh and an Italian cell-phone)
    You are doing it better than me because you may actually relax…ride a bike even if you don’t want to, it is the greatest cycling in Europe.
    Buon viaggio Amici!

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