France: Sweet and Savory Memories

This afternoon we returned from the whirlwind of our Provencal and Parisian travels, but in even in my post-travel delirium, I could not wait to start sharing at least a few of the visceral reactions and memories from the trip.

I am glad to be back, but am also wistful because we easily took to the life of indolence, of daily hiking, Provencal market visits, and copious, fantastic FOOD and WINE. I will miss the fantastic raw milk (unpasteurized) goat cheeses so fresh you practically have to eat them with a spoon. I am sad that my pee will very soon stop smelling funny from all the early spring green and white asparagus I have eaten (which happens to be a Provencal specialty).







Our experiences ranged from the defining food-porn moments at 2-Michelin star restaurants (Le Cinq in Paris, and L’Atelier de Jean-Luc Rabanel in Arles), to very humble, simple pleasures of a butter-drenched artisanal croissant dunked in café crème first thing in the morning,


to roasted potatoes basted in the drippings from the spit-roasted chickens at the marketplace, to a perfect Nicoise salad and a pitcher of white wine served on a sunlit terrace overlooking the mountains after a nice, long hike.



Among others, our hikes/walks included the incredible Colorado Provencal, with its surreal colors of ochre deposits and quarries, the beautiful landscapes that inspired Cezanne and other painters in Aix-en-Provence, “winelist” walks in Gigondas and Chateauneuf-du-Pape, and the joyous spring walk across the Luberon valley, from the picture-perfect village of Bonnieux to Lacoste, right up to the castle of Marquis de Sade…







Over the next month, I invite you to follow along a series of stories and pictures, in order to see that wonderful world through our eyes in more detail. Allons-y!


10 thoughts on “France: Sweet and Savory Memories

  1. I must say that I laughed aloud at the ‘pee’ comment! Some would say, TMI, TMI!!, but I am sitting here nodding my head, since I am familiar with such a thing.

    I am looking forward to your stories and postings about this wonderful trip. True, it was France, *ahem*, but since I quite like your blog, I will overlook that small fact. LOL! Kidding!

    Welcome home!

  2. I know that you must have had a wonderful trip…France is such a wonderful country to visit. I look forward to seeing more of your adventure.

  3. French cuisine is truley spactacular. butter, butter and more butter how can you go wrong! I do prefer their wines over their food but a great culinary country non the less! Im enjoying the blog keep it up!

    • Actually, in the south of France it is primarily olive oil. I definitely prefer Provencal food over classic French (more zing and lighter!), and my heart belongs to Burgundies.
      Cheers! Thanks for your kind comments.

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