Hello all,

Please check out my France, Italy and Greece vacation pics on Flickr:

Omaha Beach


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  1. Thanks you for the Like on my Lamb Shank post. I loved your Pictures of Greece. I am going to Greece this spring with my Girlfriend for 2 weeks. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of Athens where we will be spending a week, where would you recommend going to eat/see in Athens?

  2. I am totally in love with Greece! What a natural beauty and food paradise!
    In preparing for the trip I primarily followed advice from Matt Barrett’s website; it turned out to be spot-on:
    Athens was probably our least favorite place; I am unsure if it merits a 1-week stay. I would say, logistically it makes sense to start your trip there, and to finish it (2, or maximum 3 days should be plenty). From Athens, we hired a driver to take us to Meteora and Delphi, which is nothing short of amazing. My absolute favorite of the trip was the island of Crete where we spent a week (not enough time!).

    To answer your question, in Athens you’ll want to do the obvious: go to the National Archeological museum, Acropolis, hang out in the Plaka, walk to the top of Lycabettos hill, etc. You should definitely read the Athens portion of the above free guide:

    Hope this helps. Have a fantastic trip,

    Natasha @ CDM

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