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“I am a decent cook. I am an outstanding eater.”

 (Steven Brust, “Dzur”)

I came across the expression “come due maiali” thanks to my Rosetta Stone coach Monica. During one of the studio sessions, as students were professing their love for hockey, basketball, and golf, she announced that her favorite sport was, in fact, eating. Gesturing wildly, she lamented her temporary inability to eat “come due maiali” for a good ten minutes (as she was on a diet).

I have always been an athlete of sorts, but at that moment I realized that, over the years, eating has become my favorite sport, as well (much more so than judo or yoga). Her expression appealed to me, as it was clearly exaggerated and very Italian; most of you know that I am quite fond of the grotesque and a huge italophile, to boot. To me, it emphasizes not so much the quantity consumed, but the piglets’ sheer enthusiasm for food.

My goal with food exploration is simple: it is to maximize my eating pleasure. I have also discovered that the only way to do that is by not eating alone. Therefore, especially on days when I am unable to master enthusiasm worthy of two piglets, I always try to have a dinner companion to supplement my joy of discovery.

P.S. I am currently residing in Washington D.C., with a very spoilt orange tabby Kuzya:


78 thoughts on “About My Blog

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You are newer to blogging, too, I see.
    You have some interesting content. I love to eat, and cook on occasion, but I get bored with it…I’d rather have a clean kitchen and let someone else cook for me.
    I hope to look around more when I have a little time. Busy week ahead!
    Do you speak Italian, then?
    Ciao! Katherine

  2. Thank you for the like on my blog! Living in D.C. must be quite an experience! Check my blog later as I will be posting sometime soon what foods go with what varietals of wine!

  3. Thanks ofr visiting my new blog! I just started it..still need to update many aspects of it.
    Hope you will enjoy futures posts as well. For sure I will keep visiting yours, which look very intersting!

  4. Thanks for visiting our blog – its always great to meet another food lover! I need to get into the kitchen more & try things like you are doing 🙂


  5. I loved how you got the name for you blog. Made me chuckle, or should I say snort? I totally relate! Eating should be an Olympic sport! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am thoroughly enjoying yours!

    • Yes, CDM will be getting some gold medals for Spring Olympics in Provence 🙂 Honestly, I am not sure if I can yet compete in a Rabelaisian meal size category.
      I loved your blog, too! Cheers!

  6. Thanks for visiting. I am glad you enjoyed “For the Record.” Enjoy Paris. It is amazing. However, I have yet found a place in France that I did not adore.

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my post. You are the first person to give me a ‘like’ on my brand-spanking-new food blog! I’ll be back to read yours often.

  8. Adding to the chorus of “thank you for stopping by, reading, and liking my blog” posts! Loving your posts on Paris. I’m itching to dig out my passport…!

  9. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by, I’m glad you enjoyed my last post! Will be checking yours out for sure =) Have a great day!

    • I have been rather enjoying your Italian stories! Your discoveries, frustrations, disappointments, and hopes were also mine on previous visits to Italy. Cheers, and thanks for your comment!

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